Frequently Asked Questions about our CSA

Q. Who is Wood Duck Farm?
A. Wood Duck Farm is a family owned farm located in San Jacinto County Texas, approximately 50 miles north of Houston. Our farm is 87 acres and is comprised of wetlands, small garden plots, a farmhouse with kitchen, greenhouses and wooded tracts. We custom grow specialty greens for restaurants located in greater Houston, Austin and the Dallas Metroplex. On Saturdays Wood Duck Farm can also be found year round at the Urban Harvest Farmer’s Market located in Houston.  Finally, we enjoy providing fruits, vegetables, and meats to our CSA customers weekly through much of the year.
Q: Why participate in a CSA?
A: Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) originated in Europe and Japan as a reaction to the disconnect between consumers and their food source. This phenomenon occurred as farms grew further and further away from the center of their own community. In America food travels an average of 1500 miles before it reaches the dinner plate. Pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides are used to cover the stress of travel on fresh produce. Each CSA operates in its own unique way, but the basic idea remains the same: consumers and farmers collaborating to ensure a safe and healthy food source in their community.
Q: Where does your produce come from?
A: We grow many different varieties of vegetables and herbs right here on Wood Duck Farm in Cleveland, Texas. Given the prospect of adverse weather and crop failures, we may from time to time purchase local, sustainably-grown produce from within 180 miles of our farm to supplement member shares.
Q. Is the product you grow certified organic?
A. Our farm practices sustainable growing techniques, which means that we desire our farmland to sustain itself long after we are gone. This having been said we use natural fertilizers and fungicides. We use pesticides with OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) labels.
Q. What if I do not like your product?
A. You will be satisfied and delighted with your produce or we’ll gladly make amends in your next delivery.
Q. What if I need to go out of town and cannot pick up my weekly share?
A. Our new ordering system will allow you to place a vacation hold and receive a double box on your next scheduled pick up or delivery day.  Click this link: CSA sign up  . There, under “Membership Actions” you will find the option to schedule vacations or change pick up locations. Also take a moment to read our Vacation Hold FAQs here.
Q. Can I order some of the prepared foods that you offer at the Saturday farmers market?
A. Yes; visit our ordering system and if we don’t list what you’re looking for, contact us.
Q. Can I order some microgreens or additional salad mix to accompany my weekly pick-up?
A. Maybe; contact Van for more information.
Q. How can I get a pick-up location to be closer to my home or work?
A. Contact us and we will see what we can do.
Q: How do I sign up?
A: Choose one of the CSA links from the menu above.
Q. Can I visit your farm?
A. We try to host at least one weekend gathering at the farm during the ten week growing season. As a friend of the farm you are invited to meet us, see the land where your food is grown and share in the fun. You can always come out on Fridays to pick up your share.
Q. How can I contact you?
A. Van’s cell phone is (713) 876-8645 and our email iscsa@woodduckfarm.com.