The Woodlands Home Delivery FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about The Woodlands Home Delivery

Q: What is the cost of The Woodlands Home Delivery membership?
A: Per Week: $38 for Weekly Full Shares, $29 for Weekly Partial Shares, $39 for Bi-weekly Full Shares and $30 for Bi-weekly Partial Shares.

Q: How can I make changes to my delivery schedule or put my deliveries on hold?
A: Our new automated system will allow you to place a vacation hold on your share. You will receive a double box on the next scheduled delivery date after your vacation. Click here: CSA sign up, then choose the option you need under “Membership Actions”

Q: Can I become a member in the middle of a season?
A: Absolutely- as long as we have remaining shares remaining Let us know if you need help signing up.

Q: Can I choose the items in my share?
A: At the moment we are not geared to customize your shares.

Q: How many does a full share serve?
A: Every household is different. Consider visiting this link to get an idea of what our recent full shareholders received. Partial shares will receive about 1/3 less, i.e. 5 tomatoes rather than 8.

Q:  What does my Farm Membership include?
A:  You will receive fresh produce each week, a timely email that updates you about the farm, recipes, as well as a farm open house.

Q:  Can you deliver to my office?
A:  Yes! People who live outside of our delivery area may choose to receive their delivery at an office within our delivery area. Also, some people might share their order with an office mate and thus prefer office delivery.

Q:  How do I sign up?
A:  We are now accepting subscriptions to our Fall CSA. Click HERE to join!

Q:  How do I add on other non-produce items?
A:  You will receive a weekly email reminding you to go online and purchase any items that you’d like to add to your delivery. The email will include a deadline for ordering so as to ensure that the additional items make it into your next delivery.

Q:  Where does the produce come from?
A:  We grow many different varieties of vegetables and herbs right here on Wood Duck Farm in San Jacinto County. Given the prospect of adverse weather and crop failures, we may from time to time purchase local, sustainably-grown produce from within 180 miles of our farm to supplement member shares.

Q:  Do you deliver in my area?
A:  Current zip codes are  77381, 77382 & 77384.  In the area, but in the wrong zip code?  You can still order a CSA share for pickup here.

Q:  What if I’m not going to be home?
A:  No need to be home for delivery!  Your order will arrive in a box with perishable items included in an insulated cooler bag.  After the first delivery, simply leave your empty box and cooler bags from the prior delivery at the door, and we will trade them out with new ones filled with fresh produce and other goodies.