Wood Duck Farm Meat CSA

Meat CSA Program

Subscribe in advance to receive three deliveries of sustainably raised meats from Wood Duck Farm during the current CSA season. Our Meat Share ($222/3 or $74 per delivery) will average about 9-12 lbs. and generally consist of “happy” pasture raised livestock including chickens, cattle and heritage pork. We anticipate that the share will be weighed more heavily in pork than beef or chicken.  The share will likely consist of 30-50% ground meats (sausages, ground beef), a roast cut or pork chops, and possibly a ham steak and/or bacon. Depending on availability, a pastured chicken may be included as well.  FYI – one share delivery will occupy about 1/4 of the space in an overhead refrigerator freezer. Too much meat for your family? Consider splitting a share with a friend.

Locations for Pick-Up? Shares will be packaged, frozen and delivered once per month to your choice of our CSA locations in the Houston area which includes the Heights,  Kingwood, Greenway/ West U, the Woodlands, West Central Houston, Clear Lake, West Memorial, Energy Corridor and more. Payment in full for the subscription will be made at the time of registration. Shares are limited and sold on a first come/first registration basis. Specific location details can be found here: CSA Pick up Locations

Our animals enjoy a happy, chemical free life exposed to plenty of sunshine, grasses, roots and clean water.  Pigs have stomachs much like humans and cannot convert grass to energy very effectively, so while they have  full time access to pasture, they also feed on acorns, grub roots and supplemental feed such as milo and barley.  The cattle we currently raise are grass fed and have strict diets of living green forage and hay but no grain supplements. The poultry will be sourced from an outside farm that adheres to strict standards that do not allow for meat protein, antibiotics or GMO seeds. Call us for more details.

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.lbs Meat Share Example A
6 2 Whole Chickens @ 3lbs. each
1  Smoked Bacon
1/2 Canadian Bacon, Great with Eggs Benedict
2 Ground Beef, Meat Loaf Extraordinaire
1 Ham Steak, Great with Linguine or for Breakfast
10.5 lbs. total
.lbs Meat Share Example B
2 Smoked Polish and/or German Pork Sausage
3 1 Whole Chicken at 3 lbs., Try Roasting with Rosemary & Thyme
2 Thick Cut Pork Chops, Great with Apple Chutney
2 1 Pork Pot Roast, Yummie with Carrots and New Potatoes
1 Ground Beef, Stuff Peppers or Make Killer ‘Burgers
10 lbs. total

Contact Info:

Wood Duck Farm

270 Pine Valley Rd.

Cleveland, TX 77328

Call Van at (713) 876-8645