Wholesale & Restaurant Inquiries

Please contact Van at (713) 876-8645
E-mail: mail@woodduckfarm.com

We grow year round and produce the following greens listed below.

Spring Mix & Baby Arugula year round

Micro Greens

Amaranth, Burgundy Cilantro
Arugula Fennel, Bulb
Basil, Heirloom Lemon Frisee, Neon Green
Basil, Green Italian Frisee, Tres Fine
Basil, Opal Kale, Red
Beets, Golden Kohlrabi, Purple
Beets, Bulls Blood Leeks & Chives
Cabbage, Red Mizuna
Celery Mustard Oriental & Red
Cress, Pepper Radish, Red
Chervil Radish, Daikon

Other Amenities

Blonde Corn Shoots Snow Pea Shoots
Edible Flowers Sunflower Shoots
Mint Tips Wheat Grass Flats
Field Products
Garden Greens & Petite Root Vegetables
Tomatoes Beefsteak Heirlooms and cherries coming this spring